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Your cat’s home away from home while you enjoy your time out of town. Whether you are going on an overseas holiday or just out of town for a few days, we can look after and care for your cat, keeping he or she well feed and happy.

For a cattery in Waikato you have found the perfect solution you can rely. Run by genuine animal lovers, this cattery provides wonderful services to the whole Waikato region - be confident your cat is happy while you are away.

Stop your search for cat accommodation in Hamilton now - you have found the perfect option for a cattery in Hamilton. Get in touch today on 0800 222 560.
Cattery Hamilton
Call Cattery Hamilton on 0800 222 560
Call Cattery Hamilton at 0800 222 560 today!
Pet boarding in Hamilton

If you are looking for a pet boarding in Hamilton you are in luck. These experts will look after your cat and make sure it happy while you are away, whether it is a matter of days or weeks. Dial 0800 222 560.

Boarding cattery Hamilton

Discuss your and your cat’s requirements for boarding cattery in Hamilton with the friendly team - this is an option you can trust! Talk to our experts today to answer all of your questions.

Expert cat care in Hamilton

Are you looking for the best cat care in Hamilton? We provide a one-stop-shop for all of your cat needs. You can see to it that your cat is safe with us. Contact us for more information about our services.
Are you searching for a cattery in Hamilton ? Are you struggling to find the best cat motel in Waikato ? Your search can stop here...

For a cattery in Hamilton  that you can trust and have the peace of mind that you're cat is in the right hands, get in touch with this cattery in Waikato. Offering reasonable rates for an unmatchable services, this cattery in Waikato  is there so you have a solution for all cat accommodation in Hamilton .

For pet sitting in Waikato  make sure you are confident you are choosing the right cattery for the team. There are a number of options for a cattery in Hamilton  but one that stands out - run by cat lovers themselves, choose this cattery in Hamilton and be confident your cat will find a home away from home while you are away on holiday. 

Fed well, cared for and looked after, your cat will be happy with this brilliant option for cat accommodation in Hamilton  - whether you are away for a a matter of days or a matter on weeks, this excellent cattery in Waikato is the for all your pet sitting services in Hamilton.

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